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Traditionally, the sports bag has been characterised as an accessory for carrying necessities to and from a gym, fitness centre, sports ground, court, or pool. However, this definition has broadened  to include descriptions of the sports bag as; carry-on bags, overnight bags, working bags, and hiking backpacks.

The diverse offering of sports bags is testimony to the disparate styles and needs that the bag tries to satisfy. Sports bag designs are focused on specific uses and conditions. For example, a bag for use in wet conditions (indoors or outdoors) is not the same as one intended for riding, hiking, or air travel. The expected use of the sports bag also governs the volume (size) of the bag and how the bag is carried around.

A sports bag can have two straps at the top of the bag for holding and lifting, or a single long strap which is worn over one shoulder and across the body for hands free movement. In a different design, the attachment of the straps may be moved to the base of the bag so that the bag is used as a backpack. It is also not uncommon to find sports bags with wheels and a telescopic handle, enabling the bag to be pulled rather than be carried.

The conventional sports bag holds everything from gym clothes, trainers, bottles of water, toiletries, and small equipment to all be carried at once. When used as a travel bag, work bag, or hiking bag, the protective sleeves and pockets make the sports bag versatile for packing luggage and yet remain stylish for travel or work.

Like anything else, a sports bag is an extension of an individual’s style. The choice of material for the sports bag is a differentiating factor for a fashion statement. The most common materials used for sports bags are canvas, nylon, and leather. Canvas is made from rough woven linen fibre or cotton material. Sports bags made of canvas are comparatively lighter than leather in weight and easy to clean. Sometimes a layer of water-resistant material is added on top of the canvas to make the sports bag water resistant. Compared to the other materials, canvas tends to wear down faster than leather. Generally, canvas sports bags cost less than similar leather sports bags.

Nylon is a synthetic material with many variations. There are nylon bags which are durable and resistant to tearing. Sports bags made of nylon are lighter than canvas in weight, easy to clean, and water resistant. Compared to canvas, a nylon bag tends to wear-out faster. In the main, for a similarly designed bag nylon is the cheapest option of the three fabrics.

Leather is made from animal skin. Leather sports bags last for a long time but require more care to maintain the original appearance for longer compared to the other materials. Whereas leather sports bags give a polished or sophisticated appearance, they are generally heavier, and cost more compared to the other fabrics.

Sports bags can be used for multiple purposes and the many available options can be harnessed to fit the right situation.

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